On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of Paul Signac‘s arrival in Saint-Tropez, the city is devoting a tribute exhibition to him not to be missed.

Inextricaly linked to Saint-Tropez

If the name of Paul Signac is inextricably linked to Saint-Tropez, some nevertheless ignore how it was intrinsically at the origin of the artistic and heritage fortune of the Var city. May 2022, corresponds to the 130th anniversary of the arrival of this painter on board the Olympia, in the port of Saint-Tropez. The museum of Saint-Tropez, whose first configuration of Museon Tropelen constituted from 1922 owes him so much, can only honor his memory with the temporary exhibition Signac and Saint-Tropez.

Paul Signac Painting
The pointillism of Paul Signac

The figurehead of “pointillism”

If we are familiar with “pointillism“, painting composed of thousands of small dots dividing the tones and creating an optical effect, we are less familiar with the primordial character behind it: Paul Signac (1863-1935), figurehead of this movement more commonly known as “neo-impressionism”. Painter, theoretician, trade unionist, Paul Signac spent his entire life campaigning for his art and his ideal of a better society.

Paul Signac Painting
Mont Saint-Michel by Paul Signac

An Avant-garde laboratory

Thus during the months of May and June many events and activities will mark this important commemoration under the name: “In the wake of Signac”. This experienced navigator, accompanied by the one who would become his wife, left a very honorable impression on a certain day in May 1892, shortly before the Bravade, by his way of maneuvering and docking. The inhabitants, witnesses of the scene note that they are not dealing with a beginner. This remarkable arrival will seal more than 20 years of secondary vacation and of constantly renewed inspiration giving to see works which made Saint-Tropez enter the legend. The presence of Signac from 1892; undeniably attests to the beginning of a veritable artistic breeding ground, a kind of avant-garde laboratory, thus giving Saint-Tropez an artistic notoriety first, then literary, cinematographic, festive, then more and more touristic with a varnish jet-set which has not completely undermined the authenticity of the peninsula.

Paul Signac Painting

Signac and Saint-Tropez exhibition

Annonciade Museum: from May 5 to October 9, 2022,

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