After the success of The Blaze, Guillaume Alric, launched a solo project under the name of “Garçon Sauvage“.

A second musical identity

After having met with phenomenal success with The Blaze, the electronic duo he founded in 2016 with his cousin Jonathan Alric, Guillaume Alric launched his solo project, Enfant Sauvage, at the end of 2021. In this new adventure, the artist combines his first love, photography, and his second passion, electronic music. His first album Petrichor was released on November 19. His desire was to transcribe his past memories, experiences and feelings into music and videos. For him, “the clip is photography in motion”.

The Blaze's side project Garçon Sauvage
The Blaze’s half , enant Sauvage

Ethereal and melancholic music

So, Guillaume Alric decides to create in addition to The Blaze – his electronic duo formed with his cousin in 2016 – a second musical identity but this time alone In sounds similar to his work with The Blaze, Guillaume Alric transmits a salvo of emotions thanks to his music and his clips: a twilight light and cries of deliverance, which one guesses, in a sweet and bitter production. The second chapter of this wild and loving trilogy is a car ride interspersed with an “underground” evening. Petrichor brings together 11 tracks, faithful to his signature ethereal and melancholic electro music. The music videos also have this touching sensitivity, as evidenced by Silent Love, Time to fall and Force Field, the start of a great project…

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