Gordes is a world famous village and classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France, in the heart of the Luberon regional park.

A world famous village

Gordes has long been one of the most beautiful villages in France, and rightly so. It is an essential village where limestone, dry stone walls and bories are omnipresent components of the landscape. The village has sheltered under the castle, designed to protect the vulnerable junction with the plateau, since 1031. It thus became for 7 centuries, one of the lookouts of Provence with its strong walls, its tall houses with rare openings and its maze of alleys. In the upper part of the village: the castle, the Saint-Firmin church, the restaurants and the shops.


Marc Chagall settled in Gordes

Gordes was the inspiration of many artists such as Marc Chagall, who fell in love with this perched village and settled there to live. Gordes is one of the most famous villages in Provence and also one of the most visited, anchored on the heights of a rocky peak and leaning against the southern flank of the foothills of the Monts du Vaucluse, it is one of the towns the largest in the region. The heritage of Gordes is nothing but splendor, the diamond of the village, this blond stone found in many old hamlets, houses, buildings such as two abbeys, water and windmills and hundreds of dry stone huts make this village a jewel of Provence. The dry stone houses are staged along the cobbled streets up to the church and the castle which watch over the village. As you stroll around, you will discover vaults, superb porches, houses with skilfully restored flat stone walls, subtle and finely crafted architectural details.


An undergound life

Finally, at the turn of the streets you can see the sumptuous landscape of the Luberon valley. The “citadel villages” like Gordes are a challenge to nature. To cope with the lack of space on the ground, the intramural houses pile up, but above all, there is a hidden face, an underground life. If the people lived on the surface, the industry and the crafts of the village found their place by digging the rock. There is a gigantic underground network in Gordes, often much more impressive than the houses sitting on it.

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