Elodie Yung, French actress revealed in the series « Les bleus » is the heroine of « The Cleaning Lady« , a series broadcast on Fox .

Revealed in « Les Bleus »

The French actress Elodie Yung, has just landed the lead role in a series for the American channel Fox, « The Cleaning Lady ». The actress revealed in « Les Bleus » on the French Channel M6 recovers the role which had originally been entrusted to Shannyn Sossamon, seen in the cinema in « 40 days, 40 nights » .

Elodie Yung

The series will revolve around the theme of immigration

This series, which will have ten episodes, tells the story of a Cambodian doctor who flies to the United States for her sick son to benefit from a treatment protocol. Her efforts are in vain, however, and she finds herself forced to work as a cleaning lady for the mafia, a perilous way of getting closer to those she wishes to take revenge on. The Cleaning Lady will revolve around the theme of immigration, not only through the main character, a doctor turned cleaning lady in a foreign country, but also through her sister-in-law, an undocumented Filipina living in the United States. United. Alongside Élodie Yung will also play Adan Canto (Designated Survivor), Vincent Piazza (Boardwalk Empire) and Martha Millan (The OA).

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