La Tour d’Argent invites you to refresh yourself during the summer with its vintage delivery scooter filled with exceptional ice cream !

The best workers in France

This year, Parisians and vacationers will be able to enjoy the famous Mademoiselle crêpe, prepared according to a unique ritual and know-how. Prepared directly from the scooter, facing passers-by, it can be eaten plain or accompanied by a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream and toppings of your choice such as pecans or almonds. Accustomed to collaborating with the best workers in France, La Tour D’Argent is once again teaming up with David Wesmaël, Best Worker in France at the head of La Glacerie Paris ! In pots or cones, ice creams and sorbets can be taken away and savored during a stroll along the quays, in a romantic setting.

Tour d'Argent glacier
An ice-cream at the Tour d’Argent

With fruits from France

In the Triporteur’s ice cream tubs, there is a fine selection of ice creams and sorbets: Lemon, Apricot, Strawberry, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, or Sicilian Pistachio… in a jar or cone, to be enjoyed while strolling around the along the quays. The David Wesmaël glacier also favors raw materials from short circuits, in particular in connection with farmers in Hauts-de-France. The fruits are selected in France, in rhythm of the seasons: strawberries from Phalempin, apricots and peaches from the Rhône Valley… The collaboration between La Tour d’Argent and David Wesmaël was therefore obvious !

The Ice Cream Triporteur awaits you every day in front of the Boulanger de la Tour (2 rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris)

A scoop: 4€

Two scoops: €7

Three scoops: €10

Crêpe Mademoiselle + 1 scoop of vanilla: €8

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