Kelly Reichardt, a major figure in independent cinema, finds one of her favorite actresses, Michelle Williams, for a film presented at the Cannes Film Festival

With Michelle Williams

Showing Up is the new film directed by American Kelly Reichardt, a major figure in independent cinema. Revealed with River of Grass in 1994, Reichardt has signed films such as the superb Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy, Certain women or more recently First Cow which was released last year in French cinemas. Showing Up will be unveiled in a few days at the Cannes Film Festival, where it is in competition. The story of Showing Up : before the opening of her exhibition, the daily life of an artist and her relationship with others, the chaos of her life will become her source of inspiration. In the casting, we find one of Kelly Reichardt’s favorite actresses: Michelle Williams.

Kelly Reichardt will receive the Carrosse d’Or

The director, who began her career in 1994 with the anti-road movie River of Grass, will receive the Carrosse d’Or on May 18 at the opening ceremony of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs. Admired for her cinema of great sobriety in which nature and territory take a dominating place, Kelly Reichardt began alongside Todd Haynes on his film Poison (1991) before establishing herself as a major figure in American independent cinema. She is particularly noticed thanks to her second feature film, Old Joy (2006), where she explores the relationship between two friends during a hike in the mountains of Oregon. After a thriller about radical ecologists (Night Moves) and an ensemble film about the fate of four women in a small town in Montana (Certain Women), Reichardt explores the other side of the American myth in the mute First Cow. Big names like Clint Eastwood, Naomi Kawase, Martin Scorsese have received the Carrosse d’Or over the years, not to mention Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, in competition this year with Crimes of the Future.

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