Le Puy du Fou presents its sublime show: Les Noces de Feu : A nocturnal enchantment.

A nocturnal event

Every evening, when the sun goes down, sweet melodies resonate on the lake and gradually awaken the memory of the most romantic of weddings. Puy du Fou is offering visitors a brand new nocturnal event, which is none other than the continuation of the story of its predecessor, Les Orgues de Feu. As its name suggests, Les Noces de Feu will stage the marriage of the violinist Muse and the virtuoso Pianist, extravagant characters discovered in the previous creation.

Puy du Fou

Huge underwater sets

A breathtaking staging The show “Les Noces de Feu” marries in perfect harmony water and fire, the intimate and the grandiose, the aquatic and the aerial, the delicacy of the electroluminescent costumes and the gigantism of the sets emerging from the depths of the ocean. ‘pond. This nocturnal phantasmagoria, all set to music, offers a poetic journey to the heart of the 19th century, the romantic era par excellence. All the music is interpreted and arranged by the famous virtuoso sisters, Camille and Julie Berthollet. To give birth to this nocturnal dream, 30 actors and underwater stuntmen will evolve on a stage of more than 7000 m². Huge underwater sets and 80 electroluminescent costumes bring the romantic and magical world of this show to life. Each performance, lasting an average of 30 minutes, will take place before an audience of 7,000 people.

Puy du Fou


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