Grand Corps Malade called on Melody Gardot for the title “Souvenirs manqués” in a clip from its latest album

Missed memories

In September 2020, the French slammer and poet Grand Corps Malade put women in the spotlight with the release of his album Mesdames, an opus composed solely of duets shared with women. A year later, the poet proposed a reissue of this opus on which appear two sizes of jazz and soul: Melody Gardot and Kimberose. After the great success of “Nos plus belles années” in duet with Kimberose, the singer is now betting on “Souvenirs manqués”, in collaboration with the American jazz artist and true Francophile Melody Gardot. “I really wanted to propose a duet to Melody Gardot where she would sing in French and get out of her Jazz/Blues universe. While discussing together, we chose this theme of missed memories, all in self-mockery, in reference to the memory problems from which Melody suffered following her accident” comments the slammer in a note of intent.

A song in French and English

Together, the two artists crafted a song in French and English. Baptized Souvenirs Manqués, the musical meeting of the two artists marks the fusion of the intensity of slam and the elegance of jazz through a text that traces a meeting experienced very differently by the two protagonists. After unveiling the title to the public, the duo decided to offer a video for this song, images that you can discover below. Grand Corps Malade plays a man who recalls a woman he met the day before (Melody Gardot) and who left him her number. Problem, it absolutely does not remember the evening they spent together. “Your memory fails you, mine overreacts / You don’t remember anything, I’m drowning in nostalgia / You want more memories, I’d like to miss a little / It’s hard to be a stranger in your eyes / I remember your laughter, the sidewalk, the taxi, the stars, the winks of the galaxy / Our gestures, and finally our living bodies / And the rest at the end, I still want” sings the slammer, whose funny story is staged in the clip “Souvenirs manqués”, where the two artists try to remember the evening during which they met.

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