Le musée de l’illusion in Paris is a unique place to immerse yourself in a whirling universe with your family.

A swirling universe

Enter the fascinating world of illusions where all your senses will be turned upside down; this world is capable of troubling the most daring of you while cultivating you… “Are you ready for an adventure that goes far beyond anything you could have imagined ? The Musée de l’Illusion in Paris immerses you in a swirling universe. If an illusion hides more than a million words, there is none more sincere to describe our Museum to you. » Going to the Museum of Illusion means sharing a moment with family, friends and colleagues, there are no rules. We come here to have fun, discover and above all let this desire to be amazed grow in us. “Be daring and jump with your eyes closed into the three-dimensional universe created by the Vortex Tunnel! Beneath its visibly stable and flat air, this illusion gives itself the right to drive you completely crazy. By following its path, you will be unable to move forward, do you believe it?

Musée de l’illusion Paris

Observe your distorted reflection in the Hall of Mirrors, risk the unpredictable behavior of the Hall of Infinity and try to resist the laws of gravity and dimensions. Photograph yourself in ALL POSSIBLE POSITIONS! » Dive into our collection of holograms, look at each optical illusion a little closer, and carefully observe each exhibit. They are such a brilliant and playful reminder that what we perceive of the world is often just a specter of illusions. If you are told that you can remain speechless in the face of such an exhibition of objects? Do you believe it? Every corner of the Museum of Illusion is accompanied by a rational and scientific explanation that allows you to learn a whole lot of extraordinary things about our sight, our perception and the functioning of our intellect. The goal is to discover why our eyes perceive things that our brain cannot understand. Be sure to drop by our game room full of fascinating and educational puzzles. These puzzles are certainly a lot of fun but they also tend to be frustrating, a real challenge to overcome !

Le Musée de l’Illusion

98, rue Saint-Denis – 75001 Paris


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