La Fontaine de Mars hosted Barack and Michelle Obama during their trip to France in 2009. This highly Parisian bistro deserves a state visit !

la fontaine de Mars
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One of the oldest parisian brasserie

With its ageless wooden frontage, its red and white Vichy checkered tablecloths, its large mirrors, its burgundy colored benches, etc., this brasserie embodies the quintessence of the Parisian brasserie, version “beginning of the century”. La Fontaine de Mars is one of the oldest Parisian brasseries in the capital ! Known for its traditional cuisine, this restaurant showcases the flavors of South-West France. It is therefore impossible to leave without having tasted the essential cassoulet of the house! With friends or family, you will spend a friendly and warm moment.

President Obama came to dine

Moreover, the American president Barack Obama and his family came to dine on June 6, 2009 in the restaurant La Fontaine de Mars, a typical restaurant in Paris; on the menu, leg of lamb and floating island for President Obama and fillets of beef and crème brûlée for Michelle Obama and the rest of the table. Every day, a typical “Brasserie Parisienne” dish is offered: free-range chicken roasted au jus (Sunday), coq au vin (Wednesday), traditional veal blanquette (Thursday), or leg of lamb (Saturday). For dessert, let yourself be tempted by the rum baba, the homemade chocolate mousse, the millefeuille, the vanilla crème brûlée, the floating island, and the Landaise apple-prune tourtiere with Armagnac ice cream.

Traditional French cuisine

Founded in 1908, the restaurant cultivates timeless pleasures with remarkable consistency, and its menu of dishes brings together the most famous recipes of the genre : egg mayonnaise, leeks vinaigrette, foie gras, homemade duck confit, veal blanquette, sole meunière, Gratin dauphinois or homemade mashed potatoes, floating island, crème brûlée, millefeuille, rum baba, prunes in Armagnac… It’s all there! In fine weather, don’t hesitate to betray the décor of the room to take advantage of the terrace, nestled on a pretty square framed by arcades, where the gurgling of the beautiful historic fountain (1808) to which the restaurant owes its her name.

La Fontaine de Mars

129 Rue Saint-Dominique

75007 Paris

+33(0)1 47 05 46 44

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