Matthieu Chedid is releasing a new album, “Rêvalité” for which he called on Gail Ann Dorsey, David Bowie’s ex-bassist.

Matthieu Chedid Rêvalité
Matthieu Chedid Rêvalité

Between dream and reality

The title of the album plays on the apparent opposition of two worlds, two states : Dream and Reality, throughout 13 new songs. Two first titles have already been released “Rêvalité” and “Dans ta Radio” which set the tone for this seventh album by M. A pop, funky universe which has the nostalgic colors of past childhood .

Matthieu Chedid Rêvalité

The universe of comics

The universe of Comics is very present in this new disc, in particular in the clip of the song “Rêvalité“. M the superhero drives a magenta speedster, dressed in a purple suit, and rolls at breakneck speed towards an all-pink fairy-tale castle on a road that is sometimes red, sometimes blue. Unreal decor carried by the suave voice of M repeating “When I dream, my soul is revealed”. Universe of comics, reminiscences of the superheroes who populated his childhood readings, but also the realization of a dream, since M, in this album, surrounds himself with Mozart, Fellini, Jon Batiste, the virtuoso of American soul , and Gail Ann Dorsey, who was Bowie’s charismatic bassist for twenty years.

An album made for the stage

Rêvalité” is an album made for the stage . Conceived in two parts, one dancing and exuberant, one more planing and introspective, it attacks very strong and funky with “Rêvalité”, “Mogodo” – inspired by the lullaby “Matthieu – Mogodo” sung by his father Louis in 1974, “Dans the living room”, and the more pop “Dans ta radio”, which has everything from a hit. The second part is softer, poetic and acoustic. But the music of Matthieu Chedid is savored even more on stage where he is in communion with his public in an electric atmosphere, We are nothing without the other, without the ear of the other and therefore without the public. I like to speak directly to people’s hearts. “. Do not hesitate to go see him on stage during his tour this summer throughout France.

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