At Lasserre, the classics of great French gastronomy are revisited to bring them up to date, It celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2022

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A temple of Parisian gastronomy

This historic temple of Parisian gastronomy celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2022. Located upstairs, the dining room boasts a luxurious decor: columns, planters of orchids and green plants, silver crockery and trinkets, crystal chandeliers, Chinese porcelain… Another element specific to the magic of the place, an astonishing sunroof, which has become famous, illuminates the tables according to the seasons. Thus, the restaurant’s cuisine offers the comfort of noble products and simple appellations that have made the reputation of the house and ensures true contemporaneity through exceptional sauces.

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Lasserre welcomed the greatest

In 1942, René Lasserre created his restaurant to combine haute cuisine and celebration ! And the young Basque-Béarnais, who left his country at the age of twelve, to make an ordinary bistro-hangar a place like no other and to hang 3 stars there for more than 20 years! A visionary, he knew that this party needed decor, light, music, refinement… So he had thought of everything, from the essential to the fancy. This is how, in his house, he welcomed the greatest: André Malraux, Salvador Dalí, Romy Schneider, Fernandel, Luis Mariano, Marc Chagall, Audrey Hepburn, Jean-Claude Brialy, Frédéric Dard, Brigitte Bardot, Jean- Paul Belmondo, Robert De Niro and many more.

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Club de la casserole

In 1948, the Club de la Casserole was created in the restaurant and the success of its Galas enabled René Lasserre to innovate and undertake major projects. The Club was a great event vector and the silver key ring was the symbol of its membership. The thematic evenings organized around cinematographic, literary or artistic novelties see many personalities like Marc Chagall, who decided during a lunch with Malraux to create the ceiling of the Opéra Garnier. Chef Jean-Louis Nomicos, who knows the house well, refines the tradition with a touch of personality: stuffed macaroni, black truffles, celery and duck foie gras in a light gratin; André Malraux young pigeon, French peas, sage parmesan emulsion…

Restaurant Lasserre

17 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt

75008 PARIS

+ 33 (0)1 43 59 53 43

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