Buzz Lightyear, the family film of the summer is the subject of an exhibition to discover the backstage of its production.

Buzz Lightyear
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The family film of the summer

This is the family film of the summer not to be missed: Buzz Lightyear, the latest from Disney and Pixar studios, takes us to infinity and the beyond, in cinemas, from June 22, 2022. This epic adventure continues at the Air and Space Museum in Paris, with an unprecedented exhibition that should delight cinema and space fans. From June 14 to August 31, 2022, the museum presents, in the Espace hall, an exhibition that reveals behind the scenes of the film. Thanks to many exclusive works, visitors discover the stages of production of the film and the whole universe built around this saga, which came to life with the first Toy Story film.

A behind-the-scenes exhibition

Combining science fiction, action and adventure, the film Buzz Lightyear takes you through the story of this famous Space Ranger who inspired the toy we all know from Toy Story. After being stranded with his commander and crew on a hostile planet located 4.2 million light years from Earth, Buzz will attempt to bring everyone home safe and sound. From the first drafts of the characters to their final rendering and 3D animation, including the design of the models used for the design of the spaceships of the film, this behind-the-scenes exhibition traces the entire creative process behind the making of this film.

An immersive experience

This film took years of work, creation, adjustment and cutting-edge technologies to take shape. This long process is highlighted in the exhibition at the Air and Space Museum, using drawings, models and 3D animations. The evolution of character and ship creation can be admired through sketches, documents and objects created over time. This fascinating exhibition should attract the attention of young and old children who have grown up with the world of Pixar, but also those who are interested in cinema: it is not so often that one can discover and understand how our favorite movie was made, step by step! Exceptionally, from June 14, visitors to the Buzz Lightyear exhibition can access an immersive experience created for the major Up to space exhibition, which begins in July at the Air and Space Museum. With the Moon Jump device, you can step into the shoes of an astronaut and have the illusion of walking on the Moon, thanks to a microgravity situation. An impressive little game not to be missed !

From June 14, 2022 to August 31, 2022

Air and Space Museum Paris Airport

Le Bourget 93350 Bourget

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