Christian Louboutin, the brand of shoes with the famous red sole reveals its universe in its charming Parisian boutique

Christian Louboutin

The famous red sole

Do we still need to present Christian Louboutin ? The shoemaker most popular with stars has built its reputation on a unique signature: infinitely sexy bright red soles… Legend has it that the designer had the brilliant idea for his red skate while admiring his secretary’s nail polish, which he would have covered the lapel of one of his pumps in the early 1990s. The glamorous effect was so obvious that it was to become his brand! This exclusive ornament has literally renewed the fetishism of women’s shoes, of which Christian Louboutin is undoubtedly a great servant: his boots, his sandals and above all his emblematic pumps cultivate a terribly sexy spirit, based on voluptuous curves, vertiginous heels, full leather skin, but also lace, velvet, panther print…

Christian Louboutin
Copyright Christian Louboutin

Chrisitian Louboutin’s streetwear

And the shoemaker has also expanded its range with sneakers, city models for men, and bags and beauty products for women. The set is ideally presented in this boutique, one of the most beautiful of the brand, located at the entrance of the charming Véro-Dodat gallery, where conveniently hides the only shoemaker-repairer (at n°10) official depositary of the red sole.

Louboutin Paris

19 rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau

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