Queen of fashion shows and magazine covers, Cindy Bruna tells her dark side. A childhood marked by the violence suffered by her mother.

Cindy Bruna
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A model recognized throughout the world

Cindy Bruna is a model. She paraded for the greatest like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Balmain, Chanel or Calvin Klein and her image is known and recognized throughout the world. In particular, she can boast of having been the first mixed-race woman to win an exclusive contract with the famous brand Calvin Klein. For several years, she has been involved in the fight against violence against women. She is notably the godmother of the association Solidarité femmes. She has just published an autobiographical book : “The day I stopped being afraid” at HarperCollins editions. “Today it is with a heavy but peaceful heart that I share with you these few chapters of my life, these painful years spent under the influence of this violent man who was my stepfather. I free myself today so that others can do it in turn, so that together we break the taboo of domestic violence,” wrote the 27-year-old Chanel muse on her Instagram account before thanking her mother. for having had the courage to share her ills” as well as all the women who “by their testimonies [have] inspired her to break the silence”.

She has lost the “innocence” that children must have

About her violent stepfather she said: “When he arrived it was wonderful at first, because my mother was happy, she was beaming, we felt like the perfect family, but very quickly the home tipped over into violence,” she acknowledges. A “total control” of his stepfather on all aspects of his mother’s life, which he will manage to cut off from his friends, his work and almost the rest of his family. Cindy Bruna tells how she and her sister stayed awake at night to wait for the return of this alcoholic man who was going to raise his hand on their mother. She believes that she has lost the “innocence” that children must have, under the total control of her stepfather. Today, the model tries “to heal”, but does not know if she will one day be completely. A process that began with the release of his book, and which will undoubtedly find its extension in the fight against domestic violence.

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