Would you like to take a trip to space while staying in Paris ? It’s possible this summer thanks to the Atelier des Lumières.

trip to space

A trip to space in Paris

Did you miss the first edition of Destination Cosmos ? The program for this journey into space carried out in collaboration with the National Center for Space Studies (CNES) is extended this summer at the Atelier des Lumières. From the first peoples to observe the stars to the Apollo 11 moon landing, humanity’s desire for space discovery continues to grow. This exhibition plunges you into a maze of stars, planets, nebulae and supernovae. A unique journey that begins in the heart of the Guyanese rainforest and ends at the edge of the universe. After leaving Earth, you are invited to roam the Martian canyons alongside rovers (vehicles designed to explore the surface of a celestial body), dive into the heart of Jupiter, fly over Saturn’s rings and then go beyond the borders of our system. solar to explore the immensity of our universe. .

trip to space
a trip to space in Paris at l’atelier des lumières

The greatest moments of space conquest

Between history and poetry, relive the greatest moments of space conquest as well as an exploration into the unknown and the infinitely far. From the first observations of the stars to the moon landing of the Apollo 11 mission, it is an authentic historical retrospective that will unfold before your eyes. Thanks to 135 projectors and the great heights of the former steel foundry, you will witness an extraordinary and truly magical spectacle. You will start your journey at the Kourou space center until you exceed the borders of our solar system. Along the way, you’ll soar over Martian canyons, dive deep into Jupiter’s heart, and admire Saturn’s graceful rings. Authentic interstellar journey, Destination Cosmos will also make you cross paths with nebulae, planets and supernovae. Totally immersed in the image and the music, let yourself be carried away in a unique space adventure !

trip to space

Destination Cosmos

Atelier des Lumières

38, rue Saint-Maur



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