The Cheops pyramid opens its doors on the occasion of an immersive exhibition event this summer in Paris

cheops pyramid

This summer’s exhibition-event in Paris !

This summer come and explore from top to bottom the bowels of the Cheops pyramid and its most secret chambers and passages. Immersive expedition through space, “The horizon of Cheops” will also take you on a journey through time: the magic of technology will transport you some 2600 years before our era, to the time of the funeral of King Cheops himself. An emotional incursion into the heart of ancient Egypt… “The horizon of Cheops” is an exceptional immersive virtual reality expedition. Its unique format of 45 minutes mixing sensations, emotions and cultural enrichment is the result of years of research and data collection.

The Cheops pyramid’s secrets

The architectural reconstruction, the history, the techniques and the whole immersive universe benefit from the scientific guarantee of renowned historians which follows a titanic work on site, carried out in partnership with the Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian and his team from Giza Archive Project (Harvard University). With family or friends, come and explore the bowels of the Cheops pyramid, its chambers and its most secret passages. The magic of immersive technology will transport you back in time, some 2600 years before our era, to the time of the funeral of King Cheops. In total freedom of movement, you also travel through space inside the only Wonder of the Ancient World to have come down to us.

An ultra-realistic universe

Restored to real size in an ultra-realistic universe, you discover the life of the Egyptians of the Fourth Dynasty. Passing from platform to platform, you enter the famous Queen’s chamber, you climb to the top of the pyramid, contemplating 360° the contemporary panorama, suddenly transformed into an ancient site – you discover, amazed, how much the Nile was then omnipresent. A new platform advances precisely to lead you and your companions aboard a large boat. The journey continues on the sacred river… Get ready for a surprising journey! A unique moment to experience in Paris !



Place Mohammed V1,


75005 PARIS

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