Christine and the Queens release a new single more 80’s than ever “Je te vois enfin” and a new album to come.

Christine and the queens

A musical dive into the eighties

Since her mini album “La vita Nuova” 2 years ago, and this title “People, I’ve been sad” acclaimed by the Anglo-Saxon press which ranked her among the best titles of the year, Christine had not released a new solo song. But she is now back !. With a new song, new sounds and above all a new identity. Chris therefore gives way to her new alter ego, Redcar (whom she teased on Instagram) and whose particularity is to wear a red glove, to offer us a musical dive into a world rocked by the music of the 80s !

A new era

So here is his new song “Je te vois enfin” and we really hope that this time, we will be entitled to a new album in the wake of this release! But in the meantime, she makes us discover this new title that will make you travel in time ! This is Christine and the Queens’ first solo single this year, as she has released several collaborations with Charli XCX and Caroline Pochalek. Two years ago, the interpreter of Chaleur Humaine announced that he was already working on a very ambitious project. Through synthetic sounds and poetic and mysterious lyrics, Christine and the Queens introduces us to her new era. It is currently unknown when the star’s new album will be released, but her latest album is starting to date: Chris, in which she presented another character and which was certified platinum, was released in 2018.

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