Brad Pitt is renovating and will be reactivating a mythical recording studio in the south of France this summer.

Brad Pitt France
Brad Pitt in Miraval, Var , France – Copyright Damien Quintard

International artists

These recording studios located in the south of France saw a number of international artists in the 80s and 90s, such as Pink Floyd (for the album The Wall), The Cure, AC/DC, Sade, Muse, Sting, or Bryan Ferry,. Their name: the Miraval studios, a dependency of the castle of the same name, an estate in the middle of the Provençal vineyards acquired by Brad Pitt in 2008. Unused for almost two decades, this studio will resume service next summer in a completely redesigned version, desired by the Hollywood star in collaboration with the young musician Damien Quintard. “This new release from the studio pays homage to the past but looks to the future with a new approach to recordings,” the statement said.

Brad Pitt in France

Opened in 1977, the studios saw many cult groups and artists, French-speaking or foreign, until the 2000s. Brad Pitt had bought with Angelina Jolie, his wife at the time, the wine estate in Var, in the south of France, in 2008 The ex-star couple even launched the production of their own rosé wine in 2019 called “Studio by Miraval”. Associated with Damien Quintard, French producer at the head of The Mono Compagny and SoundX who works on access to music for the hearing impaired, the American actor is embarking on a renovation of the area of ​​nearly 5000 m2. The music studio will thus be the first in France equipped in collaboration with Dolby.

Not only turned towards the musical environment

But the objective of this project is not only turned towards the musical environment. Cinematographic ambitions are also present in order to provide a framework from pre-production to post-production. On this subject, Brad Pitt said: “When I first set eyes on Miraval, I knew it was a remarkable place and that it was of the utmost importance to honor its iconic history. It is a place where many personalities have worked to reach the highest heights, whether in winemaking or music. Miraval Studios is an extension of our desire to provide space for all of these possibilities. »

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