John Malkovich, proud of his vines in France

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Did you know that John Malkovich took up residence in the Luberon nearly 30 years ago ? That he is a Francophile and produces wine called LQLC ?

John Malkovich

In the village of Lacoste

In the village of Lacoste, where he landed a long time ago, the brilliant John Malkovich, 67, discreetly raised their two children with his wife Nicoletta, in an area of ​​10 hectares. It was the actor’s wife who convinced him to create his own nectar, « Les Quel de la Coste« , by planting four hectares of vines. From now on, each year, approximately 18,000 bottles come out of the estate through five cuvées, two of which relate to a blend between Cabernet and Pinot.

John Malkovich

Converted to organic viticulture

Since 2018, Malkovich has entrusted the vinification to the Cave du Luberon, in Maubec. 95% of its production is intended for export. In addition, the vineyard is being converted to organic viticulture. « Investing in a business is, for me, the best way to lose millions ». Film actor John Malkovitch (66) knows what he’s talking about. Film producer, director and theater actor, this jack-of-all-trades is also a creator. And, like many of his Hollywood peers, he also runs a few bars and restaurants. The American got into viticulture in 2008. « Our land had been farmed for years by farmers growing carrots and wheat, but since they retired it had lain fallow. We found it was a waste. It was then that my wife had the idea of ​​planting vines there to make our own wine, because this terroir was perfectly suited to viticulture. »

An excellent wine… but expensive

The couple therefore planted nearly 5 hectares of vines. Ten years later, the average annual production of the estate oscillates between 16,000 and 18,000 bottles, 95% of which are intended for export. The bottles are divided into five vintages: a Cabernet Sauvignon rosé, two single varietals (respectively 100% Pinot Noir and 100% Cabernet Sauvignon) and two blends of Cabernet and Pinot very unusual for the region (Les 7 Quelle and Les 14 Quel), the all classified « IGP Vaucluse ». John Malkovich’s wines may be expensive, but the reviews are rave reviews. The prestigious Decanter even awards a fine 95 out of 100 to LQLC’s flagship wine. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

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