As she celebrated her 30th birthday this Sunday, the singer Clara Luciani got a little attention from her friend Julien Dore.

Happy Birthday Clara

As she celebrated her 30th birthday this Sunday, July 10, Clara Luciani was entitled to a surprise from Julien Dore. In a video posted in story on his account, we can see Clara Luciani discover the surprise of Julien Doré. As she patiently waits for the bus at Bercy, in front of the imposing building of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the 30-year-old is seized with a sudden laugh. In front of her, a wall where a message composed of several panels is displayed: “Bon anniv Clara, kisses, Juju”. Faced with these birthday wishes plastered in large black letters on a white background, accompanied by a small red heart, Clara Luciani cannot help but melt.

Best surprise from my Julien Doré

“I get out of my tourbus and there … Best surprise from my Julien Dore”, she then wrote, in commentary on the short sequence. The singer had written “Bon anniv Clara. Bisous. Juju”, accompanied by a red heart. “It’s huge! He’s crazy! Ah the con …”, exclaimed, Clara Luciani, speechless at this little attention. Filmed by someone from her team, Clara Luciani then shared her reaction with her followers on Instagram. “I get out of my tourbus and there … Best surprise from my Julien Doré”, she said in an ephemeral story. The artist also relayed this moment on his own account. “Happy 30 years my friend. May the incredible person that you are carry you for many more decades in the hearts of people” he wrote in the caption of the post. A few days earlier, Clara Luciani had also paid tribute to Julien Doré for his 40th birthday. During a concert at the Beauregard festival on July 7, the artist had the public sing Happy Birthday. Julien Doré, moved, then thanked her, calling her “a unique friend, an incredible friend, a real friend”.

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