On the occasion of July 14, the Carnavalet museum invites us to immerse ourselves in the origins of this celebration : The French Revolution.

French revolution

Revolution’s largest collection in the world

The Carnavalet Museum offers us a short history lesson on the occasion of the national holiday of July 14 : Saturday July 16, 2022, attend a guided tour of the collections around the French Revolution. It was in Paris that the great events of the French Revolution were held, of which the Carnavalet Museum has the oldest and largest collection in the world. Throughout the rooms, objects, sculptures, paintings, drawings, vividly tell this essential period in the history of Paris, France and the world. Paintings, sculptures, furniture, works of art, everyday objects, drawings, maps, historical documents: each piece tells a little bit of the events that changed the face of Paris and France in the 18th century. Recently renovated, the Carnavalet-History of Paris museum invites its visitors to immerse themselves in the long French revolutionary tradition.

french revolution

A nice educational walk

From that of 1789 to the Paris Commune in 1871, passing through the Trois Glorieuses and the revolution of 1848, the many works and objects in the museum tell how the French people rose up for their dignity and against the despots in the over the centuries. Through paintings and emblematic vestiges, such as the guillotine, the spectator is thus invited to retrace the history of these capital uprisings for French republican construction. We thus discover the actors of this Revolution, the great moments, the hopes and the promises generated by these upheavals, the impact that these scenes had on the people and the artists… The History of France unfolds before our eyes. , along this journey composed of many different works. A nice educational walk of 1h30, which allows us to better know the French history.

Carnavalet Museum

23 Rue de Sévigné 75003 Paris

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