Jules Verne, lived a large part of his life in Amiens, in the north of France, in a house that can be visited today.

Jules Verne

One of the pioneers of science fiction

Considered one of the pioneers of science fiction, Jules Verne is the most translated French-speaking author in the world ! His work has undergone numerous adaptations, notably in the cinema. Born in Nantes on Île Feydeau, the writer spent his childhood watching ships descend the Loire. He would later incorporate these early memories of maritime life into his writings. In the early 1860s he met Pierre-Jules Hetzel, a renowned publisher, who helped him publish his first novel Five Weeks in a Balloon (first title of Extraordinary Voyages).

Jules Verne house

He moved to Amiens in 1882

After having lived in Nantes and then in Paris, Jules Verne moved to Amiens, the city of origin of his wife, where he remained until his death. In 1882, Jules Verne and his family moved into a 19th century mansion, at the corner of rue Charles Dubois and boulevard Longueville. Jules Verne is 54 years old, he is at the height of his glory. It was in this house where he lived for eighteen years that he wrote the majority of his Extraordinary Voyages. The Maison à la Tour is built of red brick. The lintels, cornices and window sills are made of limestone. The first floor, accessible by the spiral staircase in the tower, is reserved for the bedrooms. The writer’s study is on the second floor, at the corner of the building which rises on four levels. Jules Verne’s House will amaze young and old alike !

Jules Verne house

Discover the life of the writer

Each room of the house is an invitation to discover the life of the humble writer, but also the fantastic universe of his Extraordinary Voyages! Put yourself in the shoes of Robur the Conqueror and cross the world on the giant planisphere! Look up, the observatory tower will wow the kids After major renovation work by the city of Amiens, Jules Verne’s house offers a museum space where the imaginary world and the daily life of the famous Amiens writer mingle. There are many books that belonged to the author and more than 700 objects that evoke the personality, sources of inspiration and memories of Jules Verne.

Maison de Jules Verne

2 Rue Charles Dubois, 80000 Amiens

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