The approaching July 14 is an opportunity to discover the Vizille estate, the museum of the French revolution.


A prestigious cultural heritage

At the gates of Grenoble and the Oisans massif, on the Route Napoléon, the Domaine de Vizille-Museum of the French Revolution brings together on the same site, a prestigious cultural heritage and a natural setting conducive to relaxation. A must-see regional heritage site, the museum and its park that make up the Domaine de Vizille bear witness to two thousand years of history.

The cradle of the revolution

After having been a place of power under the Ancien Régime with the Dukes of Lesdiguières, the Château de Vizille became the “cradle of the Revolution“, when the Assembly of the three orders of Dauphiné met in the Salle du Jeu de Paume on July 21, 1788 to demand the convocation of the States General.

A remarkable garden

The landscaped park labeled “Remarkable Garden” offers a multitude of atmospheres, with original floral creations. The rural park is a privileged space for encounters with nature and wildlife (deer animal reserve). Created in 1983 in the perspective of the bicentenary of 1989, by the Department of Isère, the Museum of the French Revolution offers a new look at a pivotal period in the History of France from the artistic production it has aroused at the time and since. Installed in the site of the Domaine de Vizille where the French Revolution has been celebrated for two centuries, the museum offers a critical awakening of the gaze and a perspective vision of the arts and history. By linking events to their context and their representations, it invites its visitors to lift the veil of appearances and go beyond the false evidence conveyed by preconceived ideas, myths and propaganda.

Musée de la revolution française

Domaine de Vizille

Place du château

38220 Vizille

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