La Ponche in Saint-Tropez is now a renowned and upscale hotel, but it was once a modest fisherman’s bar.

La Ponche
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A place frequented by artists

A veritable Saint-Tropez institution, La Ponche was once a modest fishermen’s bar, which over time became a place frequented by artists and intellectuals such as Picasso, Bernard Buffet, Sartre and Beauvoir. Celebrities gathered there to experience special moments in an authentic and intimate setting. They then came with the Train Bleu which freed them sleeping on the platforms of Saint-Raphaël station. They went to Saint Tropez because it was a “little paradise“. Since then, the hotel has brought together a legendary cast of artists, writers and filmmakers who have come to taste this inexhaustible source of imagination and lightness that is La Ponche. To write. To like. Some settle there. This is where the art of living on the Riviera was born.

La Ponche

Brigitte Bardot spent a few nights at La Ponche

It is also here, at the hotel bearing the eponymous name, that in 1965, Brigitte Bardot came on the sly with her lover Gunther Sachs, to spend a few nights away from the tumult of her all-consuming celebrity. Without forgetting the crossovers between Boris Vian, Juliette Gréco, Françoise Sagan, Romy Schneider, Pompidou, Michel Picoli, Daniel Gélin, Jack Nicholson, Catherine Deneuve, Sartre, Beauvoir….

La Ponche
La Ponche

a “Provençal holiday home facing the sea”

The hotel La Ponche is in Saint-Tropez what a spring is to a river. Away from the turmoil of the current, it shelters in an intimate cove the origins of the energy and soul of the city. the mythical hotel located on the small beach of La Ponche has recently had a makeover under the direction of the Italian interior designer, Fabrizio Casiraghi, who has transformed it into a “Provençal holiday home facing the sea”. Its twenty-one rooms, its Mediterranean restaurant run by chef Thomas Danigo, its legendary bar – the Saint-Germain-des-Prés – are once again ready to welcome holidaymakers.

La Ponche, 5 rue des remparts, Saint-Tropez 83990

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