Isabelle Huppert is currently presenting her new film, “About Joan” which will be released on September 14 in France.

isabelle Huppert

A family secret

In this film, Isabelle Huppert embodies the role of Joan, an independent woman, an accomplished editor, inhabited by a free and adventurous spirit. When her first love returns without warning after years of absence, she decides not to tell him that they had a son together. This lie by omission is an opportunity for her to revisit her life : her youth in Ireland, her professional success, her loves and her relationship with her son. A seemingly fulfilled life, but which hides a secret that she will have to face

A mosaic film

A mosaic film whose episodes follow one another and collide, “About Joan” is first of all the portrait of a woman and through her, that of an actress. The film, presented recently at the Berlinale, was well received by the public. During the press conference, its director, Lauraent Larivière, gave his opinion on European cinema: “I am very happy to work internationally. Because I grew up in Berlin, I never left Berlin and I met so many people all over the world. Last year was my first time in Hollywood with Noah Baumbach, it’s a movie coming out at the end of the year with Adam Driver and Greta Gerwich. I’m feeling very privileged and very happy. And I realize that I am really Francophile, I really like French cinema, I like French people, I think French people have the best humor!”

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