Virginie Efira ‘s new movie, “Children of Others” is an extremely touching movie on a subject rarely treated in the cinema.

A situation rarely treated

In this dramatic movie, Virginie Efira embodies a woman who falls under the spell of her companion’s daughter and takes care of her as if she were her own child. This fifth film by Rebecca Zlotowski delicately evokes a situation rarely treated and shown in the cinema, but shared and commonplace in everyday life: the love of a woman who has no children, for the children of her companion who she raises like him and with him, every other week. But what place does she keep in the lives of these children when the couple separates ?

An adaptation of Romain Gary

At 40, Rachel, played by Virginie Efira, is a fulfilled woman, whether professionally, with her job as a high school teacher, or personally. Until the day she falls in love with Ali, single father of little Leila who is 4 years old. The young woman becomes attached and falls under the spell of the child. She is quick to take care of it as if it were her own and begins to have strong feelings for the little girl. But this love involves risks since the affection she has for him can quickly come up against a wall if ever the couple is forced to break up. At that time then, she will also lose this link with Leila… Film of great accuracy and beauty on female impotence, stemming from an original idea which first started with male impotence (the adaptation of the novel by Romain GaryBeyond this limit your ticket is not more valid“), Rebecca Zlotowski chose the autobiographical inclination to establish this moving portrait, and succeeds since the intimate a universal film on a grandiose femininity.

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