Being committed to the environment is a priority today, the eco-friendly restaurant L’avant-poste in Paris has understood this well…


An eco-friendly restaurant

Today, there is no longer any doubt that food biodiversity is a fundamental issue for our future, our health and our environment. Our diet has been greatly impoverished over the past few decades. For example, 90% of crop varieties have disappeared in almost 100 years as well as half of farm animal breeds. This impoverishment has resulted in a standardization of cultivated varieties and taste. Red tomato, orange carrot, purple eggplant etc. One color, one shape, one caliber, no taste… The restaurant L’Avant-Poste is one of the interfaces between citizens and the agricultural world. Its purpose is to transmit the commitment made by the peasants in the field directly to the citizen by valuing the fruit of their work.


Short circuits and local producers

Every day, the Avant-Poste team serves cuisine that gives pride of place to short circuits and local producers, explicitly mentioned on the menu. To delight your straws (eco-responsible): velouté of semi-long parsnips from Guernsey, shallot from Père Lapin and sage; authentic Laïta mussels from the Île de Groix. For dessert, autumnal and comforting butternut squash, autumn chestnut honey and almond crumble. Former wig shop, the decor has been brought up to date. Imagined jointly with interior designers Jeanne Notari and Morgane Grandcolas (Paon Studio), who tried to bring out its soul, its volumes, its century-old cement tiles, its windows. All decorated with natural materials such as solid oak, raw marble or granite. The furniture and objects have also been found or made by talented craftsmen.


7 rue de la Fidélité,

75010 Paris

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