Calvi is often presented as the beauty spot of Corsica thanks to the purity of its waters and the richness of its heritage.

Calvi corsica

The majestic Genoese citadel

From its narrow streets to its citadel… The most remarkable is, without a doubt, the spectacle offered by its majestic Genoese citadel. Like a jewel placed on the water, it looks in the distance at the snow-capped mountains of Monte Grossu which reflect their shadow on the sea. Then, if you stroll through the narrow streets of the city, delicatessens, shops of Corsican designers, beauty , well-being and restaurant terraces await you under the protection of Sainte Marie.

Calvi corsica

Its long beach of fine sand and immaculate white

At the foot of the imposing Genoese building, the boats of fishermen and yachtsmen moor to the colorful navy. A few steps away but still in the city center, is its long beach of fine sand and immaculate white. It is bordered by a pine forest that you can walk along by the wooden footbridge that borders it. After your swim and your sun cure, this oasis of greenery promises you rejuvenating shaded corners.

Beautiful panorama

Now take a walk along the road by the sea, in the direction of Galeria. First of all, it is the Revellata, with its imposing rocks, its lighthouse and its intimate beaches that will be offered to your gaze. Then, if you take the small road that climbs to the left, on the heights of the hill, you will arrive at the favorite place of Calvais… Notre Dame de la Serra. Certainly, it is above all a place of worship and pilgrimage. But, the chapel and its sanctuary also offer you the most beautiful panorama over Calvi and the surrounding mountains. Illustrious characters in heritage… From Christopher Columbus to Napoleon…

Calvi corsica
Calvi corsica

Birthplace of Christopher Columbus

Calvi in Corsica stands proudly in Balagne and carries within it the whole legacy of Christopher Columbus. To tell the truth, the historical evidence on the birthplace of the great navigator remains unclear, but, in the end… it doesn’t matter. Calvais are still proud to show their attachment to this episode in history… their history. Now take the direction of the citadel, to see, in particular, the ruins of the house which once housed the Culombu family. In addition, another great name has been added to the illustrious historical figures of the city, that of Napoleon Bonaparte. Laurent Giubega, his godfather, and his house in the citadel, but also his nephew Prince Pierre and his famous castle, thus allowed Calvi to enter the very closed circle of European Napoleonic Cities.

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