A beer spa? the idea may seem absurd but the ingredients of this drink are excellent for the skin.

Beer spa paris

An unusual beer bath experience

After being created in Prague, the beer spa concept – with bathing in a mixture of water and beer – is finally coming to Paris. The first beer spa in the capital, Beer Spa Paris, has just opened its doors. The private place offers an unusual beer bath experience. At the Beer Spa, soak in a carved oak whirlpool filled with the main ingredients of beer: Hops, malt and brewer’s yeast. The treatments offered are in the field of herbalism, which consists of drawing medicinal properties from plants.

Medicinal properties from plants contained in beer

Indeed, hops have essentially antioxidant and astringent properties. It can be interesting against aging of the skin and it is widely used for this purpose in cosmetic products. In particular, hops avoid the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It nourishes the skin and acts as a repairer thanks to its topical action, that is, it acts where it is applied. In a relaxing bath, a diffuse distribution on the skin is ensured. This allows an effective action on the whole body. The Beer Spa de Paris is a private wellness area of ​​38m² where 3 double bathtubs, a Scottish shower and a rest room, with a device to broadcast your own playlist. A little extra, shower products and beer-based cosmetics are also provided. A beer tasting (with or without alcohol) will be offered to you during your bath.

Beer spa


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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.

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