The Pavillon des Canaux is an atypical Paris café, on the Canal de l’Ourcq, a magnificent residence for a drink by the water .

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Pavillon des Canaux Paris café

On the Ourcq Canal

The Pavillon des Canals is a place steeped in history ; anchored on the edge of the Ourcq canal for more than a century, it housed the house of the director of the inspection of the canals, at the time when all the locks were managed by hand. In 2015, a call for projects to rehabilitate the building (then abandoned) was won by the team from the cultural engineering agency Sinny&Ooko. The goal of Sinny&Ooko: to bring atypical sites back to life by reinventing them for new uses and making them places that bring together generations and cultures. A big spring cleaning and some renovations later, the place is ready to become a must in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Today the Pavillon des Canals is a third place: a hybrid place that lies between public space and private space, between home and work. These places make it possible to forge links between individuals through a different offer: we only consume the essentials and we offer an artistic, social, solidarity and environmental cultural program.

café Paris

Better living together while being closer to the environment

This is what the Pavillon des Canals strives to do: better living together while being closer to the environment. In a friendly atmosphere, between salvaged furniture, original decoration and brightly colored walls, Le Pavillon des Canaux is a laboratory for ideas, a nursery for initiatives, a field of possibilities. Here the doors are open 7 days a week; we read a book in the bathtub, we settle down with our computer on the retro bed in the pink bedroom, the turntables of the DJs regularly replace the pans in the kitchen when it is not the living room that is transformed into a theater…

Le Pavillon des Canaux

39 quai de la Loire 75019 Paris

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