Françoise Hardy ‘s songs, with their sweet and melancholic sounds have accompanied us throughout our lives, here are some of the most emblematic ones

 Françoise Hardy 's songs,

Françoise Hardy ‘s songs :

Tous les garçons et les filles, 1962

Françoise Hardy’s first real success, “Tous les garçons et les filles” is a composition of the young woman then aged 18. She recounts the feelings of a young person who has never known love, and who feels alone with the couples around her. This yet melancholy title will distinguish the young singer from the other “yéyé” artists of the time.

 Françoise Hardy 's songs,
Françoise Hardy songs

Le temps de l’amour, 1962

While his first 45 rpm wins all the votes, 8 new titles are recorded for the release of an album. “Le temps de l’amour“, written by Lucien Morisse and André Salvet, confirms the success of Françoise Hardy, thanks in particular to the music composed by Jacques Dutronc, who will become her husband.

 Françoise Hardy 's songs,
Françoise Hardy songs

Mon amie la rose, 1964

An emblematic title by Françoise Hardy, “Mon amie la Rose” was written by Cécile Caulier, to music by Paul-Jean-Jacques Lacôme d’Estalenx (1838-1920), a bolero. The song is from his self-titled album released in 1964.

Comment te dire adieu ?, 1968

This song written by Serge Gainsbourg is part of the artist’s 9th album, released in December 1968. After this collaboration, Gainsbourg will offer him a second title, “L’Anamour“.

 Françoise Hardy 's songs,
Personal message, 1973

While she was expecting her son Thomas Dutronc in 1973, Françoise Hardy was looking for a new record company and composers. Impressed by Michel Berger’s first album, she asks him to work with him. He agrees on the condition that she participate and write the spoken text of the beginning of the song. With “Personal Message”, Françoise Hardy makes a remarkable comeback. Today, this title is one of his classics.

 Françoise Hardy 's songs,
Partir quand même – 1988

In 1988, after twenty-six years of career, Françoise Hardy stops the song, declaring that Shifts on which appears this song will be her last album (she wrote all the texts). This album becomes a gold record in a few weeks, and the musical career of Françoise Hardy finally extends.

Tant de belles choses – 2004

Composed to music by Pascale Daniel and Alain Lubrano, So many beautiful things – Françoise Hardy wrote the lyrics to this testament song in 2004, dedicated to her son Thomas Dutronc. When she is diagnosed with lymphoma, the 60-year-old singer projects that the cancer will quickly prevail. Finally, she will touch death with her finger, making this journey to the edge of the abyss from which she will return transfigured. Appeased, she then delivers a powerful testimony in her book “A Gift from Heaven”.

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