Hélène Darroze likes to share her emotions on the plate. Her cuisine is recalling his roots and origins in the Southwest o France.


Sublimate the products

” The southwest ? My roots, my name, my family, my land. I am made of traditions, I respect with great humility what the land of my ancestors bequeathed to me. It is in this region that the art of eating well was instilled in me, but also that of receiving well, of sharing the art of living well quite simply. » Attached to the products she uses, their quality, their origin and their freshness are all essential criteria to which she holds. Seeking to sublimate the products with which she works, Hélène Darroze’s only watchword is respect. It is with this requirement that she opened Marsan, her gourmet restaurant in Paris.


A new story every day

La Salle à Manger de Marsan unfolds with elegance to give rise to a most personal experience, where Hélène Darroze’s cuisine expresses itself with curiosity, talent and intuition. On the menu, the dishes tell a new story every day: oysters from Charente dialogue with caviar and corn beans from Béarn, blue lobster from Brittany is flavored with hay and meets a few porcini mushrooms from Bordeaux, scallops appeal to the memory of a trip to India and blends with Tandoori spices and fresh coriander, while the dove with raz-el hanout evokes its unfinished migratory journey to warm countries. As for the baba, it imbibes an armagnac from the collection from the cellars of Hélène’s brother.


A collaboration with Alain Ducasse

Respect for the product, respect for the seasons, respect for know-how. Thanks to the complicity she maintains with her loyal suppliers, Hélène Darroze offers in her creations the best of the season and the market. Born in the Landes, in Mont de Marsan, she is the fourth generation of a family of cooks. After university studies and a diploma from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Bordeaux, she joined Alain Ducasse’s teams at the prestigious Louis XV in Monaco. After 3 years of collaboration, the great chef pushes her to move to the other side of the stove. At the age of 32, she left her native Landes, breaking with family tradition, to open her restaurant in Paris, left bank in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés. This address is quickly recognized by food critics and the national and international press. In 2008, the legendary “Connaught Hotel”, housed in the prestigious district of Mayfair, was looking for a French chef to run its stoves and reconnect with the tradition of French cuisine.

The tradition of French cuisine

Hélène Darroze then took up the challenge of taking responsibility for the kitchens of the legendary hotel where she now manages “Hélène Darroze at the Connaught”, the gourmet restaurant with which she won a 3rd star in the Michelin guide in January 2021. In May 2019, Hélène Darroze inaugurated “Marsan par Hélène Darroze”, twenty years after the opening of her first Parisian restaurant, the Basque-Landes cook reconnects with her roots and sublimates her work in a completely redesigned space. The restaurant is crowned with its 2nd Michelin star in January 2021. Since July 2021, Hélène Darroze has been orchestrating the kitchen of the palace “Villa La Coste” whose restaurant “Hélène Darroze à Villa La Coste” was awarded a star from the Michelin guide in March 2022. She offers cuisine in her image, imprint of emotions which is inspired by the gardens of La Coste and surroundings and seek to sublimate the local products of Provence.


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