Since 2011, Capitaine Futur, a fictional character from La Gaîté-Lyrique in Paris, has been offering them multiple activities.

La Gaîté-Lyrique

The discovery of new imaginaries

Capitaine Futur, at the Gaîté-lyrique, accompanies children towards the discovery of new imaginaries, through exhibitions, concerts and workshops. In short, Capitaine Futur is at the heart of the cultural institution’s programming… but it has never been represented. When it’s time to blow out its ten candles, La Gaîté-Lyrique invites you to try the adventure: it’s up to you to paint its portrait ! Captain Future, a family program at Gaîté lyrique, the center for digital arts and modern music, gives children the power to act on the world, discover new imaginations and invent new stories.

Digital culture

This season, head to Entr’espace, an imaginary territory punctuated with adventures and trepi-dancing shows, DIY workshops, fabulous stories and animated figures to invent as a family. Captain future, fictional character of the Gaîté Lyrique, accompanies children and their parents towards the discovery, learning and practice of new imaginations. Post-internet cultures and digital ubiquity have modeled new ways of looking to the future. This is why Capitaine futur gives children the power to act on the world and invent other stories, thanks in particular to the handling of digital tools and the power of storytelling. Capitaine futur offers shows, concerts, screenings, workshops, meetings, all to explore from 5 years old, every Wednesday and Sunday of the season !

Gaîté lyrique

3 bis rue Papin, Paris

Until Saturday, December 31, 2022

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