Ramses II, one of the greatest kings of Egypt will be at the heart of an exciting exhibition from April 2023 in Paris

Ramses, and the gold of the Pharaohs

Enthusiasts of ancient Egypt have reason to rejoice ! After the magnificent exhibition Tutankhamun, the treasure of the Pharaoh in 2019, an exhibition on Ramses is coming to La Villette in 2023. Entitled Ramses, and the gold of the Pharaohs, the exhibition will present the most prestigious pieces of the pharaohs. Indeed, in ancient Egypt gold was a symbol of immortality. And that is what the exhibition will be about. Thus featuring the most beautiful pieces that belonged to pharaohs. On the program: statues, jewelry and works of art. A statue of Khafre which is the oldest golden statue of the king will be part of the exhibition.

Ramses II

The Queen Nefertiti

As well as an 18th dynasty ring adorned with an inscription bearing the likeness of Queen Nefertiti. But also a magnificent necklace of gold and pearls, dating from 1550 BC. Or even a perfume, many gold coins and representations of Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty. A unique opportunity to admire these treasures, vestiges of the past. The King of Egypt Ramses II and his treasures will therefore stop in Paris from April 6 to September 24, 2023. For five months, curious and passionate people will be able to discover this fascinating exhibition.

The exhibition will last six months

The exhibition ” Ramses II et l’Or des Pharaons” will place particular emphasis on the wealth of Egyptian know-how in terms of goldsmithing. Tickets will go on sale from November 24 on the exhibition site. The Ramses and the Gold of the Pharaohs exhibition will last six months. It will begin on April 6, 2023 and end on September 24. An appointment not to be missed !

Great Hall of La Villette 211, avenue Jean-Jaurès – 19th From April 6 to September 24, 2023


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