Are you passionate about floral arrangement ? Why not take advantage of a stay in France to learn about it ?

Floral wanderings

In recent years, we can see the rise of many Instagram accounts dedicated to the theme of flowers. An emergence which is none other than the reflection of the evolution of the profession of florist. Clémentine, 32 years old, spent several years wandering between several activities (modeling, television, music…), she wanted to do something with my ten fingers and, above all, finally find a real passion. When she had the idea to open her café-floriste PEONIES in 2016 in Paris, her goal was to offer a soft, nicely decorated place where her customers could treat themselves to specialty coffee and bouquets of flowers. French and seasonal made by hers. So she trained in both professions to be able to manage the shop and model the project as she had imagined it. But when it comes to flowers: no school, no vocational training. She learned on the job, she didn’t want to fit into an overly classic mold but on the contrary find her own style…

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She collaborates with major brands

Then, very quickly, the flowers took precedence over the rest. She was never so happy in her day as when she could go down to compose bouquets in her tiny workshop of barely 5m2… Self-taught, by dint of compositions and orders, she gained confidence in her floral arrangements and always made sure to get out of the shackles of classic floristry, asserting a garden style, organic and always as environmentally friendly as possible. Peonies regularly collaborates with major brands such as Viktor & Rolf, Hermès, Darphin, Estée Lauder and Reebok. Its activity evolves from year to year.

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floral arrangement retreats

Her very small workshop on the ground floor of the café quickly no longer matched his desires for PEONIES. She was lucky enough to find a room available in the building next door, allowing her to found the PEONIES Studio: a space where she made bouquets and floral arrangement every day, and where every month she organized workshops, in groups or in “one to one”, for people from France, Asia, Brazil or Australia! For two years, this place was his refuge and the place of ever more rewarding encounters. In particular, she shared brilliant duo workshops with @ohflorastudio and @ophelieskitchenbook. Today, it is in her studio-garden located in Mayenne that she welcomes flower lovers. She organizes floral retreats and floral arrangement workshops there between spring and autumn. The next dates for the 2023 season will be announced on his instagram page. The participants will be accommodated in his magnificent residence in Sablé-sur-Sarthe.

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