Lou de Laâge is featured in the “Tourbillon de la vie, a movie by Olivier Treiner about the coincidences in our existence

Lou de Laâge

A romantic drama with an interesting concept

The major turning points in our existence are sometimes due to small coincidences. If Julia hadn’t dropped her book that day, would she have run into Paul ? Or would his life have taken a completely different direction ?
Our lives are made up of endless possibilities. For Julia, it takes a little nothing so many times; all these paths she could have followed, all these women she could have been…
Do we choose our destiny ? What does love or happiness depend on ?
Lou de Laâge is the heroine of Tourbillon de la vie, a romantic drama with an interesting concept : to tell the life of this young woman by exploring various possibilities. At each important turning point, at each decision that changed its destiny, the film rewinds, and invites us to explore both options. An idea by Olivier Treiner, who is directing his first feature film here.

Important roles from the start of her career

Lou de Laâge found important roles from the start of her career, when she was barely 20 years old, and goes on to “”love watching girls, Nino Ferrer (an imaginary adolescence of Nino Ferrer), and opulent productions like Jappeloup, millionaire film at the box office, and People kissing by Danièle Thompson.
Mélanie Laurent made her one of her heroines in the very remarkable and intense Respire (2014) which earned her her second César nomination, as a young female hopeful, after Jappeloup. The young actress continues with The Tournament, Waiting, Italian film on mourning with Juliette Binoche.
In 2016, The Innocents of Anne Fontaine propels her a little more. The filmmaker directs her a second time in 2019 in Blanche comme neige, but the failure is industrial, despite the presence of Isabelle Huppert.
In 2021, in her thirties now proudly displayed, Lou de Laâge plays the female lead in Yann Gozlan’s industrial thriller Black Box, in which she excels. She also finds Mélanie Laurent director for Le bal des fous, based on the novel by Victoria Mas. A very important work that Gaumont will release soon. She shares the poster with Mélanie Laurent, Emmanuelle Bercot, Benjamin Voisin, Cédric Kahn…

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