Wassily Kandinsky and his abstract paintings are known throughout the world, but the Centre Pompidou invites us to reveal the intimacy of his life.

Wassily Kandinsky

A pionneer of the abstract movement

Becoming an artist at the age of 30, Vassily Kandinsky worked all his life to create a pictorial and spiritual world considered today as a pioneering work of the abstract movement.
If Wassily Kandinsky ‘s work and its impact on the abstract movement are relatively well known to the general public, the man behind the canvas is less so. Thanks to the high-definition digitization of thousands of works and rare archival documents (canvases, sketches, sketches, personal photographs, correspondence), this digital experience makes it possible to bring together his emblematic masterpieces but also to share his travels. , discover the encounters that marked his life or deepen our knowledge of his gift of synesthesia – a neurological phenomenon affecting his sensory perception allowing him to associate sounds, colors and shapes. So many fundamental elements for the understanding of his work.

A virtual exhibition in three parts

This project has three parts. The first part, an online monograph, brings together works, photographs, palette, brushes and other objects that belonged to him, from the very rich Wassily Kandinsky collection bequeathed to the Center Pompidou by his widow Nina Kandinsky. This online exhibition invites the public to enter the universe, the intimacy of the life and the work of the artist, through a set of exceptional documents, some of which have never yet been published. The second part is a “Pocket Gallery“, which allows you to discover in augmented reality, from your smartphone or tablet, a virtual exhibition presenting the masterpieces of Kandinsky kept by the Center Pompidou, among the greatest of its long history. career. The third part entitled “Play a Kandinsky” is an unprecedented interactive experiment whose ambition is to reinterpret Kandinsky’s gift of synesthesia in the light of modern technologies, by mixing artificial intelligence and an original creation by two experimental music artists, Antoine Bertin and NSDOS.

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