Salif Gueye has become an emblematic figure of contemporary dance thanks to his Moonwalk in the streets of Paris.

Salif Gueye

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A viral video on instagram

Salif Gueye, Parisian street dancer, had no idea in 2018 when he posted a video of him dancing Mikael Jackson’s Moonwalk that it would change the course of his life. Impressed by the video, many Internet users shared it, like Dwayne Johnson (alias The Rock) and basketball player LeBron James who shared the feat on their respective accounts. In total, the video has been viewed 5 million times and Salif has gone from 9,000 to almost 1 million subscribers on Instagram in just 5 days !

Salif Gueye

I draw inspiration from everyday life

The young Salif, who grew up in the suburbs of Paris, in Epinay-sur-Seine , near Paris, is invited to the famous American show by Ellen DeGeneres. Will Smith, Bruno Mars, Quincy Jones reach out to him. Everything is racing, French fashion houses also solicit him for their parades, without forgetting the DJ David Guetta, and many others. Salif Gueye has been passionate about dance since a young age and has spent years in the streets of Paris dancing under the dazzled eyes of passers-by. “I draw inspiration from everyday life, from my parents. For example, when you brush your teeth, you hear a special noise… And it is this kind of everyday sound that I want to image and set in motion. There are lots of little details that are inspiring on a daily basis: the sound of deodorant, that of the broom on the floor, the noises and movements we make in the kitchen, or even gestures in cartoons! he confided to the webzine Nylon.

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