The Used Book Café is a place where you can come and relax in a cozy atmosphere around a good book.

The Used Book Café is the library coffee shop of the Concept Store Merci. A coffee shop like no other since it gives you the opportunity to read a book while treating yourself to a simple, homemade menu. The 10,000 second-hand books line the walls of the cozy café. The menu revisits the classics of Parisian bistros such as the iconic croque monsieur or boiled eggs and their breadcrumbs, as well as the comforting pot-au-feu.

At any time of the day

At the Used Book, time stands still, you can come at any time of the day, savor food that warms the heart and mind. Located on the front with a part overlooking the inner courtyard where a pretty Fiat Mini can be seen, the Used Book Café reveals a cozy and subdued part and a brighter part all in length, giving access to the solidarity concept store Merci.

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