Louise Bourgoin will star in La Montagne”, a fantastic movie filmed at Mont Blanc, which offers a sublime decor.

Pierre, a Parisian engineer, goes to the Alps for his work. Irresistibly attracted by the mountains, he sets up a bivouac at altitude and decides not to go down again. Up there, he meets Léa (played by Louise Bourgoin) and discovers mysterious lights. This is the story of a confrontation with the unknown, of a contemplation of nature, of a budding love. But above all, he is a character whose outlook on the world will change.
Beginning explorer of a mountain shaken by global warming, Pierre makes a strange discovery following a landslide on a mountainside. At night, stones become incandescent and move alone on the mountain. But Pierre doesn’t dare talk about this vision for fear of looking like a madman. It is only when his meeting with Léa, who first sees in this strange silent and hesitant engineer a simple Parisian who has come to conquer the mountains, turns into a love affair that Pierre reveals what he has discovered on the edge of the glacier.

A communion between man and nature

The film owes its success to its sensational setting, that of the Mont-Blanc massif. The shooting really took place in this high mountain environment. Which offers a sublime decor and colors.
The film is a bold metaphor for the communion between man and nature, at a time when our actions seem more bellicose than friendly towards it. Salvador, like his character, dares to make strong directing decisions. The film’s story is based on Pierre’s very personal choices, offering a moment in life, certainly marginal, but always profound. Beautiful surprises await you in the Mont-Blanc massif. Thomas Salvador makes us gain altitude to better think about what is essential here below.

Thomas Salvador is a filmmaker, screenwriter and actor in his films. He has directed 6 short films selected and awarded at numerous festivals, including Petits Pas (Directors’ Fortnight) and De sortie (Jean-Vigo Prize 2006). Resident at the Villa Medici in Rome, he wrote his first feature film Vincent n’a pas d’écailles there, released in 2015 and selected in more than forty festivals in France and abroad. The Mountain is his second feature film. The film “The Mountain” will be on screens on February 1st.

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