A radiant girl is currently being released in American cinemas, a film against oblivion and “looking towards the future”.

A radiant girl

She escapes the didacticism of historical reconstruction

Irene, a 19-year-old Jewish girl, dreams of theater and love. But we are in the occupied Paris of 1942 and, very carefree, she does not see the grip of hatred and fear tightening around her: her whole life is about to change. For her first film as a director, Sandrine Kiberlain recounts without dwelling on the horror in progress, the anti-Jewish laws of the Occupation, the friends who evaporate without warning, the reverse shot of the war… Resolutely light, she films in the present, the twirling urgency of a mown down youth in full swing, modestly refuses to thicken the line and escapes the didacticism of historical reconstruction.

A radiant girl

This film is both serious and luminous

Sobriety and minimalism are the watchwords of ” A radiant girl “which dares an atypical representation of an era already evoked many times in the cinema. “I wanted to talk about the war without showing it. I wanted to be as timeless as possible“, explains Sandrine Kiberlain on the BFMTV television channel. “When you’re in the present, you don’t realize that the world is changing. That’s what I wanted to tell by following the journey of this ultra-living young girl who can’t suspect what the next day will be like.” ” A radiant girl ” is both serious and luminous, very personal and sadly modern. Above all, the film vibrates with the brilliance of its young revelation, Rebecca Marder. Precisely, about its main actress, Sandrine Kiberlain said: “Fortunately I met this girl. Because she had this grace, not at all aware of what she exudes that is so beautiful and so strong. “.

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