The sandwiches offered by Micho, a new restaurant in Paris are generous and offer unique flavors.

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Created by Julien Sebbag

Chef Julien Sebbag at the head of the Forest and Créatures restaurants opens his Micho sandwich shop. Sandwiches with Mediterranean flavors in authentic hallah bread, the traditional Jewish bread featured here at Micho. For those who prefer, each recipe can also be served on a plate rather than on a loaf.
At Micho therefore, we eat gourmet and generous sandwiches whose base is a big challah bread, bread that comes from the Mamiche bakery. A Micho, that’s what we call sandwiches here, it’s as big as two good burgers combined. Inside you can find, through three à la carte recipes and a recipe of the day, meat, fish or omelette, accompanied by vegetables, sauces and spices, all with a Mediterranean touch. from the kitchen of Julien Sebbag (for those who cook, he has just released a recipe book). For us it will be the Stew (€15.50), a Micho stuffed with beef ragout, sweet potato simmered for a very long time, thaini with paprika, red cabbage, parsley and hazelnuts.

A bistro-type offer

At Micho, you can also taste a collection of soft and melt-in-your-mouth cookies by pastry chef Shin Rayieu: dark and white chocolate, hazelnuts, cashews. Between €12 and €15.5 the sandwich. Sides €5.50 and €6.50. Cookies: €3.50. Chocolate and hazelnut pear crumble: €6.
In the evening at Micho, there is a bistro-type offer, different from lunchtime, with plates to share and good wines in addition to sandwiches.
The decor is signed by the Gundry + Ducker design studio in collaboration with Studio E-C, a retro American diner style, with a long counter facing the kitchen, and boxes equipped with green leather benches, an omnipresent color at the Micho restaurant who signs the identity. Almost everywhere, we discover vinyls that immerse us in the musical world of Julien Sebbag, from the 60s to the present day.

Open every day,
noon to 3 p.m., 7 p.m. to midnight
46 rue de Richelieu – Paris 1
+33 (0)1 83 64 10 90

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