The Comédie Française has chosen the artist Marin Montagut to beautifully illustrate a series of exclusive objects.

“A lovely collaboration”

Out of passion but also out of love for the art and know-how of yesteryear, Marin Montagut unveils an exclusive collection of objects in collaboration with the French institution.
Between this mythical institution told by a troupe and an illustrator passionate about history, the meeting was as obvious.
“I was very honored when the Comédie-Française offered me this lovely collaboration. Pushing the doors of this institution is a privilege. I took great pleasure in painting all the symbols of this incomparable Parisian monument, such as Molière or the beehive and the bees”.

Comédie Française

Exclusively made in France

Marin offers essential objects from his universe, adapted and personalized on the occasion of this collaboration with the Comédie-Française: the hand-painted secret book inspired by the 18th century in papier-mâché to store his jewelery or other precious objects, the mouth-blown illustrated glass as a water glass for a colorful table or as a pencil holder, the silk scarf to tie around the neck or hang like a picture, and the cotton and velvet cushion to dress up your sofa.
Like all of Marin Montagut’s creations and productions, the collection is exclusively made in France, produced in the artist’s studio in Paris.

Comédie Française
Comédie Française

A meticulous work of research

Marin drew his inspiration, behind the stage curtain, behind the scenes. A meticulous, rigorous work of research and discovery through the archives of this house.
A collection that honors the heritage of Paris, France, art and theatre, to bring home a little piece of a historic institution and celebrate French know-how.
Attached to know-how, to tailor-made, between heritage and modernity, the Comédie-Française is also the School of transmission, whose motto Simul et Singulis (to be together and to be oneself) defines its spirit and constitutes the base of a real place anchored in its time and dedicated to perpetual renewal.

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