Jain had taken a break from her career after the worldwide success of her previous albums. She returns with “The fool“.


A quick success

Everything happened very quickly for the young Frenchwoman. Her first album “Zanaka” was released in 2015 and was a success. She continued with a second “Souldier“, released in 2018.
In four years, she has released two albums and performed more than 300 concerts in 16 countries. A frantic pace that she wanted to stop. His last tour was cut short. The young artist announced at the time an indefinite break.


A Marseille Tarot card

After four years of absence, far from the stage and the spotlight, Jain returns, rich in new musical explorations. Promising a fair balance between electro, pop and folk, her new album, after “Zanaka” and “Souldier” respectively released in 2016 and 2018, will be discovered live during his “Fool tour”, which will first visit the festivals, this summer, then the biggest halls in France, at the start of the school year
Jain explains that each song on this album corresponds to a Marseille tarot card that she drew. The singer will also make her big comeback on stage in 2023, initially at festivals, but also with a concert tour The Fool Tour in October and November 2023.

A retreat in a fisherman’s hut

After a retreat between sky and sea in a fisherman’s hut in Marseille in the company of 70s vinyls for several years.
The singer also reveals that she was greatly inspired by David Bowie, Kate Bush or Joan Baez, whose records she rediscovered during confinement: “It influenced me in a certain way. And I wanted to write about my life and about love, without necessarily thinking about the commercial potential”.
Produced by Maxim Nucci, her first single “The Fool”, with pop-folk tints, seems to create a bridge between multiple aspirations without losing the generosity with which the singer has always shaped her titles. A kind of cosmic journey, as expressed by the clip that accompanies the single, signed by director Jules Jolly.

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