Bourdelle Museum, one of the prettiest in Paris, reopened its doors on March 15 following renovation work.

Works of Picasso and Giacometti

Bourdelle museum reopened its doors on March 15, after two and a half years of renovation work, which had become necessary since its inauguration in 1949. There is the sculptor’s emblematic workshop, as well as a completely redesigned route with 110 sculptures, 45 reproductions of photographs and graphic works, placed in dialogue with the works of his pupils and heirs, including Germaine Richier, Alberto Giacometti or Pablo Picasso. But you will also find there… Works which are appearing for the first time within the establishment. And are signed by legends of sculpture: Rodin, Jean Arp and Germaine Richier... All the more enticing since the Museum does not simply present sculptures: there are also the artist’s youthful works, paintings , drawings and engravings, photographs…

Bourdelle museum

The sculptor’s emblematic workshop

The sculpture workshop has been reconstructed, element by element, thanks to period photographs by Antoine Bourdelle, who himself had designed the layout of his works. Everything has been replaced in exactly the same place, so much so that we enter a room completely faithful to what it was in the time of the artist in creation, at the beginning of the 20th century.

A new restaurant

The new technique room now covers 60 square meters, offering fun activities and a lounge area with screens. The itinerary of the collections has also been reviewed from the chrono-thematic angle of Bourdelle’s work. All the exhibition halls also offer a redesigned mediation offer, with the aim of increasing accessibility to the public, through animated screens, illustrated labels and additional content for the visit.
The reopening of the Bourdelle museum is accompanied by a new café-restaurant. The menu is signed Jean-René Chassignol, author of ISANA Latin restaurants, and offers both traditional recipes (such as beef bourguignon), fresh salads, and Latin American specialties (such as empanadas).

Bourdelle Museum
18, rue Antoine Bourdelle
75015 Paris

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