Dany Boon is currently presenting his new film, “Life for Real“, a comedy with Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Dany Boon

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Dany Boon – Copyright Pathé Films

An hour and a half of happiness and laughter

Dany Boon returns with “La Vie pour de Vrai“, his new movie and it’s a real success, a pill of happiness in these gloomy times. In this comedy directed by Dany Boon, we meet Tridan Lagache who spent his life at Club Med, changing friends every 8 days. At 50, he resigned from the Mexican holiday club where he was born, determined to find, 42 years later, his great childhood love, Violette. He arrives in Paris, naive and lost but happy to be staying with Louis, a half-brother he didn’t know existed. To get rid of a cumbersome Tridan, Louis begs one of his conquests, Roxane (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg), to pretend to be Violette whom Tridan thinks he recognizes at first sight.
In “Life for real”, Dany Boon plays the role of a very dreamy character, out of step with society. Through the character of Tridan Lagache, the actor-director wanted to “make people laugh, move”. The naivety of the main character is still inspired by his own life. “I was a long time and I grew up far from everything: restaurants, cinema … I did things late”, admits Dany Boon who grew up in Armentières in the North of France.

Dany Boon

Charlotte Gainsbourg in an unusual role

The film also deals with the question of childhood love. This idea came to Dany Boon to find “a good reason” for his character “to leave Club Med”. The bottom line, actually, “is why Tridan left Club Med. In fact, he only knew people 8 days since society changed every 8 days. He couldn’t attach himself , building things and the only thing he clings to is his childhood sweetheart.” We have a great time watching this film and the good surprise of the film is the presence of Charlotte Gainsbourg. We weren’t used to seeing her in a comedy, she is radiant, full of spontaneity, which makes for hilarious scenes. Life for Real is Dany Boon’s eighth film. We wish him as much success with this film.

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