Tomo is a fantastic Japanese pastry shop in Paris where everything is homemade in the purest Japanese tradition.

Tomo Paris

The purest Japanese tradition

At Tomo, everything is homemade in the purest Japanese tradition: from the warm and soft biscuit that is the dorayaki to the famous anko (azuki cream). The Tomo pastry shop also offers organic teas and selected small producers with a local approach to help you discover the taste of authentic Japan. Fresh, seasonal wagashi (Japanese pastries) accompany the matcha. Franco-Japanese pastries will delight lovers of original creations. Guests can enjoy tea and pastries on site.
The Tomo pastry shop organizes many workshops around tea and Japanese pastry, in particular on dorayaki, on sesame mochi, on mochi in general and on sakura wagashi.

Tomo Paris

The essence of wagashi

In this Franco-Japanese pastry shop, Romain Gaia and Takanori Murata officiate. These two talented pastry chefs met at Aida, a Japanese gourmet restaurant in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.
Romain Gaia is French and lives half the year in Japan. A serious learning of the Japanese language allows him to penetrate the very closed world of wagashi. He therefore works in Japan to better understand and master this ancestral culture. On his return he launched the TOMO project with the aim of introducing the French to Dorayaki and wagashi, in a popular way but without any compromise on the quality and seasonality which is the essence of wagashi. The Dorayaki therefore becomes the basis of his creations and allows him to bring together the two cultures through his craftsmanship.
Takanori Murata is Japanese, and lives in France. Coming from a family of traditional wagashi pastry chefs from the Nagoya region, he was the Pastry Chef of the Aida restaurant (Paris 7th arrondissement), within the Walaku tea room. His desire to make people discover artisanal Japanese pastry is such that he makes himself and by hand each product used in his pastries. The famous Anko (Azuki red bean confit) is his specialty.
When Romain Gaia decides to create TOMO, chef Murata joins him with the same desire: to offer a real artisanal product, to respect the cycle of the seasons

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