Elodie Bouchez is part of the cast of Hawaï, a comedy about friendship which will be released in cinemas in France on May 10.

A unique opportunity to tell secrets and unsaid things

Hawaii, is a film directed by Mélissa Grigeard, of which this is the second film. In this story, inspired by a news item, a group of friends find themselves on a paradise island to spend a dream vacation. But when they arrive, they reveal that a ballistic missile attack is threatening Hawaii and so they think they have only minutes to live. A unique opportunity to tell each other what they have never dared to admit to each other, the things left unsaid, the secrets, the desires and the lies, and to settle their scores. Except that this is a false alarm, and everyone will have to live together, forgetting (or not) these revelations under the coconut trees.

Elodie Bouchez
Elodie Bouchez

A reflection on friendship.

Among this group of friends, we find Elodie Bouchez who confirms her attachment to the choral film and reveals a devastating humor as a mother of grown-up children. An asset that she shares with her character, since the wife of Thomas Bangalter, ex-Daft Punk, also has two sons. About this story, Mélissa Drigeard says: “This nuclear attack false alarm really developed in Hawaii in 2018 and immediately inspired us: it was an extraordinary starting point for a story as we like them, of those that take us from one emotion to another. The film is both a comedy that takes responsibility for itself and a reflection on friendship.

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