Gaelle Pietri, the former companion of French actor Gaspard Ulliel, who died last year, is releasing a book in tribute to her great love.

Gaelle Pietri

Fragments of life with Gaspard

“When misfortune targets us, we must manage to remember that we have tasted the sweet, the ineffable joy. You will remain my most beautiful trip, approached without a guide, eyes closed. Your presence and your absence converge in my heart. I now know that I can always find you within me. This is up to us. » Only one being is missing and everything is depopulated except when this being is called Gaspard Ulliel, he is a world famous actor, broke in a skiing accident at 37 years old. Gaelle Pietri speaks to the man she loved. When Gaspard collapses in the snow, they come together to celebrate the six years of their son Orso. It is for him that she tells. The first moments shared, the love, the separation, the pain and anger at the loss, fragments of life in which he can find his father whenever he wants.

Gaelle Pietri

Redemption through writing

In line with the most beautiful texts on mourning from Rilke to Didion, Gaelle Pietri gives us her first story, a poignant letter of implacable honesty on the most unspeakable grief and redemption through writing.
On this difficulty of mourning when the event belongs to everyone, Gaelle Pietri writes to Gaspard Ulliel: “Everyone wants his share of the loot, a piece of the dead, while I would like us to stop undermining the integrity of your corpse. You who had no private life during your lifetime, you will have no more in what is called eternal rest, you will be constantly disturbed by the curious, the lovers, the crazy people, nice people, foreigners passing through Paris, admirers (…). Because the dead no longer have a private life.”

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